World's companies eager to present products at CIIE

Wang Yanlin
Many companies have become "old friends" of the China International Import Expo – a great stage to showcase corporate strength and confidence in the Chinese market.
Wang Yanlin

Many companies have become “old friends” of the China International Import Expo — a great stage to showcase corporate strength and confidence in the Chinese market.

In return, they have found their brands become more valuable in the world’s largest consumer market.

For two-time participant Italian firm De’Longhi Group, the expo has helped it leap from a  niche-market brand to a household name for coffee-making machines. This year, the company will further upgrade its presence at the event with a global debut of  products.

“The expo is of great value for us,” said Gilbert Zong, managing director of China at De’Longhi Appliances (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

Recalling its first participation at the expo, Zong said De’Longhi came with some classic coffee machine models already on sale overseas for a few years.

“We were not very sure about the market demand at that time, and the expo helped us build up strong confidence,” Zong said.

One distinguished feature of the China International Import Expo is its grand size. The number of exhibitors is huge, so is the number of visitors. Many come in groups from remote areas of China, and are curious about everything at the event.

“Through the first expo, we connected with a lot of customers in second- even third-tier cities, and our brand is now known as a premium name in the public,” Zong said.

At the second expo, De’Longhi showcased products that were synchronized in other developed markets. The good performance once again reinforced its confidence. This year, there will be global debut of coffee machines tailored for the Chinese market, as well as a China debut of its latest products. 

“Our team is astonished by the fast-growing demand of Chinese consumers, and their elevated tastes,” Zong said. 

Some exhibits at the second expo were so popular the company had to re-order from its Italian headquarters.

Unlike De’Longhi, Swedish bolt maker Nord-Lock Group began exhibiting at the expo in 2019, or the second China International Import Expo.

“We did not know what it would be like in the very first year," said Norbert Hentschel, Asia-Pacific managing director of Nord-Lock Group. "The scale and the impact of the first expo gave us a shock. We applied for participation as soon as the registration for the second edition started."

Growing demand for high-quality bolts used in cars, machines and even large construction further firmed up Nord-Lock's enthusiasm for the expo.

“We have booked a booth for the upcoming third expo — it is, for us as a bolt company, the largest space compared with any other fairs we have ever participated,” said Hentschel. He added it showed the strong commitment of Nord-Lock to China, which has contributed half of global growth for the company.

There will also be new friends at the third expo, and one of them is AbbVie, a pharmaceutical firm known for its research and development of innovative drugs dealing with rare diseases. AbbVie registered for  the third expo at the 100-day countdown, and decided to double its exhibition area to 600 square meters at the 50-day countdown.

With hails from previous participants, newcomers' gain reinforced confidence. Compared with the previous sessions,  this year's expo has seen more enterprises registering for participation, with the average exhibition area of Fortune Global 500 enterprises and leading enterprises in various industries increasing by around 14 percent from the second event, according to the expo bureau.

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