Local brands to have their day on May 10

Ding Yining
Shanghai is holding its fourth annual China Brand day following the State Council's decision in 2018 with 67 local brands showcased at an exhibition hall.
Ding Yining

Shanghai will hold the fourth annual China Brand Day event and the Exposition on China Indigenous Brand since it was first held in Shanghai in 2018 after the State Council approved the establishment of the "China Brand Day" on May 10 every year.

"China Brand, World Sharing; Focusing on dual circulation to unleash new consumption trends" will be this year's theme. 

This year the exhibition hall for Shanghai brands will bring together 67 local brands and 28 of them will set up offline exhibition spaces.

Qiu Wenjin, deputy director of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, said the event will place more focus on Shanghai brands' historical heritage and their continuous innovation efforts in the new era. 

These brands will focus on the five types of new economies — innovative, service, open, headquarters and digital — as well as best practices of the city's digitalization transformation, which are important themes laid out in the city government's annual work report. 

Bailian Group will stage pop-up stores at local department stores and give young people an insight into the city's cultural heritage.   

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