Shanghai plans regional tech center for five "future" industries

Zhu Shenshen
Focusing on "future" tech, Shanghai aims to foster innovation and development of five key industries – health, smart devices, energy, space and new materials.
Zhu Shenshen

Shanghai will develop five strategic "future" industries – health, smart devices, energy, space and new materials – as the city's blueprint to build a highland of innovation with global influence, city officials said on Wednesday.

By 2030, the output value of the five "future" industries will reach about 500 billion yuan (US$69 billion). More city-level innovation centers, industrial zones and supporting policies will debut to achieve the target.

"These future industries have cutting-edge technology, disruptive innovation, strategic value and explosive prospects," said Wu Jincheng, director of the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization. "It will improve people's daily life and boost the city's economy."

The spotlight products and innovations of the industries cover brain-computer interfaces, artificial intelligence, 6G, fuel cell electric vehicles or FCEV's, hydrogen refueling stations, polar expeditions and electric Vertical Take-off and Landing or eVTOL.

To achieve the target, Shanghai will build a city-level research institute, establish about five "future" technology colleges, and cultivate about 15 "future" industry innovation centers. The city will build 15 special industrial pilot areas, tackle a number of core components, launch a batch of high-end products, and form about 100 "Chinese standards" on core technologies.

Several tech zones have been built, including the Zhangjiang, Lingang and Zizhu tech zones.

More policies will arise which establish a friendly environment for innovation and attract scientists and experts to Shanghai, officials said.

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