Taicang on the rise since joining Hongqiao open hub

Wang Yanlin
The property sector in Taicang in Jiangsu Province is enjoying a boom as new settlers move in, spotting opportunities since it became part of the greater Hongqiao area.
Wang Yanlin

Taicang in neighboring Jiangsu Province has seen a flood of new settlers since becoming part of the greater Hongqiao area, with more people betting their future on the city that is just one hour's drive from Shanghai.

In 2021, when the Hongqiao International Open Hub blueprint was unveiled, a total of 18,123 people applied for residence certificates in Taicang, a sharp jump from 11,452 in 2020 and 9,439 in 2019, official data revealed.

Taicang's property sector is also thriving, with nearly 2.5 million square meters of homes sold in 2021, compared with 1.4 million square meters in 2020 and 1.2 million square meters in 2019.

Taicang on the rise since joining Hongqiao open hub

An image of the planned Loujiang New City in Taicang

"Taicang is located within the north belt of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, giving the city a unique advantage in doing business and attracting people," said Taicang Mayor Hu Weijiang in Shanghai. "Many have chosen to develop their career in Taicang, with the confidence of more convenient transport and a better economic outlook in the city."

Taicang has made the development and renovation of Loujiang New City, located in its downtown area and close to Shanghai's Jiading District, a core mission this year.

Taicang also has 28 land parcels available for investment, with 20 for residential property and eight for business services.

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