Xuhui District pushes for greater communication with foreign businesses

Huang Yixuan
An event was held in Xuhui District inviting foreign brands to share their experience and insight, on how to maintain relevance in the Chinese market.
Huang Yixuan

Shanghai's Xuhui District is encouraging communication and experience sharing among foreign enterprises, with the aim of creating an optimal business environment.

A dynamic and thought-provoking event was held on Thursday in the Hengfu (Hengshan and Fuxing roads) Historical and Cultural Area in Xuhui District, to offer a platform for foreign brands to share their experiences and insights on how to stay relevant in the Chinese market.

The venue, an old building with a modern twist, served as a perfect setting for a conversation that transcended time and space.

The event brought together representatives of over 40 foreign brand enterprises, as well as authorities such as the Shanghai Commission of Commerce, the Shanghai Foreign Investment Association and the Xuhui District government.

Several companies, including ICCF Group, Inditex, Swarovski and Nikon Imaging, delivered speeches on site. Through speeches and lively discussions, participants explored new ways to revamp their brands and inject fresh energy into their marketing strategies.

Zhu Yi, deputy director of the Shanghai Commission of Commerce, pointed out that the event vividly illustrates the new concept of urban life, which is that "buildings can be read, neighborhoods can be strolled, and cities have warmth."

Recently, Shanghai has released a series of policies to continuously attract and utilize foreign investment, further promote consumption, and boost market expectations and confidence.

"It is hoped that Xuhui District will leverage its rich historical and cultural heritage to become a preferred destination for high-end brands, a hub for foreign headquarters, and a prosperous environment for business growth," she said.

As a central district of Shanghai, Xuhui boasts a prime location, abundant social resources, deep historical background, thriving innovation, and a strong industrial foundation. With the development of the "debut economy," "cloud economy" and "night economy," it has become a hub for enterprise and talent aggregation.

Huang Feng, president of the Shanghai Foreign Investment Association, expressed his hopes that through this sharing session, a platform can be established to explore more possibilities for the development of foreign-invested brands, leveraging Xuhui's unique location, historical culture and commercial innovation advantages.

The district has attracted and gathered numerous high-quality foreign headquarters enterprises. It is currently home to 145 regional headquarters and research and development centers of multinational corporations, ranking first among central districts in Shanghai.

Fortune Global 500 companies such as Mondelez, MSD, 3M, ExxonMobil, ZF, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Microsoft, Jabil, Cisco, ABB, BASF and Compass have all invested and developed in Xuhui.

The district pledges to further create dialogue and communication platforms for enterprises, further promoting in-depth interaction between companies and assisting in the healthy development of the real economy.

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