Firms star in EU Chamber sustainability awards

The awards aim at recognizing good business practice and sharing experiences.
Firms star in EU Chamber sustainability awards

Mats Harborn, president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, speaks at the 2017 Sustainable Business Awards Ceremony.

Three companies have won 2017 Sustainable Business Awards from the European Union Chamber of Commerce, the chamber said yesterday.

SAP won the Innovation Leadership Award, L’oreal won the Best Responsible Business Model Award, and Tetra Pak won the Outstanding Sustainable Business Performance Award.

The awards aim to acknowledge innovation in leadership, raise sustainability awareness, and share business model experiences among organizations looking to embrace responsible business in China.

The European Chamber believes that there is an urgent need for European enterprises to build a sustainable business model which integrates social and environmental responsibilities into commercial activities and makes competitive responsibility a strong driver of future development which take into account the EU’s 2020 targets and China’s 13th Five-Year-Plan and its long-term sustainability goals.

The EU’s 10-year 2020 plan aims to strengthen economic growth by creating employment, addressing social and economic challenges such as the consequences of demographic ageing, poverty, the growing scarcity of natural resources, climate change and innovation

The program featured a panel of experts in sustainability, who explored what Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) and Shared Value for Business Innovation mean for companies and how they impact society.

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