Talent is key for Shanghai to become a global city of excellence

Shanghai needs to be more inclusive and should further improve its living environment as part of the core efforts to become a global city of excellence, some IBLAC members said.
Talent is key for Shanghai to become a global city of excellence
Dong Jun / SHINE

Shanghai needs to be more inclusive and should further improve its living environment as part of the core efforts required for becoming a global city of excellence, some members of the International Business Leaders’ Advisory Council (IBLAC) said today during a forum in Tongji University.

Talent is essential for Shanghai to become a global center in finance and technological innovation, and the city needs to open up its market and attract more talent to meet the goal, they said.

In the opinion of Mark Tucker, chairman of HSBC, further opening up of the professional services sector is "the most important thing" for China to develop services industries.

The city still needs to invest heavily in infrastructure, including transportation, energy, housing, and healthcare to lift people's living standards, Tucker said.

Local companies and foreign companies need to work together in an open and fair environment, which can bring the largest benefits to Shanghai, he added.

Robert Moritz, chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers, said Shanghai should open further to attract talent in a sustainable way.

Multinational companies are increasingly shift their talent policy from foreign to local, and it's important to develop local talent with a global perspective, Moritz said.

He said Shanghai can lead the world in being a technology-driven smart city and developing a green economy when it marches on the route towards a global city of excellence.

Brian Duperreault, president and CEO of AIG, said the east and the west should work together to leverage the latest technology in better assessment on risks. AIG has recently signed an agreement with Tongji University and Clemson University in the US in risk analysis and talent development.

Duperreault also said talent should have an open mind for new technology, and Shanghai's talent is very impressive in quality.

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