Shanghai to hold the first China International Import Expo next year

The expo, which will be held between November 5 and 10 next year, was initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping in May this year as a measure to open up the domestic market.

Shanghai’s executive vice mayor Zhou Bo said today the city will go all out to ensure the success of the first China International Import Expo to be held next year by enhancing cooperation among government departments and other supportive services.

Shanghai has established a special committee for the Import Expo, which is chaired by municipal leaders of Shanghai and involves 36 line departments covering commerce, public security, public finance, transportation, foreign affairs, media, customs, quarantine and inspection, trade promotion as well as the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Zhou said at a briefing in Beijing.

The expo, which will be held between November 5 and 10 next year, was initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping in May this year as a measure to open up the domestic market to the rest of the world.

The expo will host traders of both goods and services in areas including advanced equipment, electronics, automobile, consumer goods, food, medical instruments, technology services, design, education, and tourism.

The expo will also host a forum to promote globalization and an open global economy.

Zhou said Shanghai will also step up security, transportation, and medical services to ensure success of the event.

Authorities will accelerate the completion of transportation infrastructure in key areas surrounding the NECC, which includes the construction of 13 key roads, metro lines and connecting channels.

Operation time of metro and shuttle bus system will also be extended according to actual needs, Zhou added.

In the mean time, other support in areas like accommodation, urban exterior, electricity, gas and water supply, sewage, telecommunication and weather forecast will be intensified.

He said Shanghai will take advantages of reforms in the free trade zone to offer facilitation for the entry of goods from all over the world into the Chinese market.

“Shanghai will mobilize the whole city to ensure all the necessary support will be delivered in a timely fashion and to ensure a full success of the first Import Expo,” Zhou told reporters.

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