New exhibition to celebrate past and present of Shanghai brands

The Exposition on China Indigenous Brands kicking off on May 10 will feature a total of 500 local brands and cover around 25,000 meters of exhibition space. 

The Exposition on China Indigenous Brands to kick off on May 10 will feature a total of 500 local brands and cover around 25,000 meters of exhibition space, Shanghai's Development and Reform Commission officials told a press briefing today. 

Five sections, namely Shanghai services, Shanghai manufacturing, Shanghai shopping, Shanghai culture and Shanghai innovation will feature the past and current situation of Shanghai originated brands at the Shanghai Exposition Center. 

A four-minute long video will also showcase and promote the spirit of Shanghai originated brands, which continue to reflect people's aspirations for a better life and the never-ending pursuit of high quality craftsmanship.  

A total of 15 companies have also been selected to showcase the high level of Shanghai's service industry, ranging from transportation to financial services and tourism. 

Vice director of Shanghai's Commerce Commission Liu Min said the Shanghai Shopping section will consist of two parts, an online display of shopping data and shoppers' preferences in the central business districts, as well as a physical exhibition of Shanghai’s time-honored brands. 

Historical photos showcasing the window displays of the Shanghai No.1 Department Store and Shanghai No.1 Food Store, as well as merchandise from more than 40 Shanghai-based time-honored brands, will also be on display.

The revival of time-honored brands and supportive measures for their innovation are also part of the action plan to turn the city into a world leader in shopping.

Liu said time-honored brands are encouraged to leverage new technologies to enhance their business vitality and seek new business models to cater to shifting consumer demand. 

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