Three-day Belt and Road brand expo kicks off in Shanghai

Hua Lingxi
The 2018 Belt and Road Brand Expo kicked off in Shanghai on Friday.
Hua Lingxi

The 2018 Belt and Road Brand Expo started on Friday at the Shanghai Exhibition Center with the theme "Quality Life to Share."

The fair aims to push forward international cooperation along the Belt and Road and to develop the four brands of Shanghai, which are service, manufacturing, shopping and culture.

The exhibition was co-organized by the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai and the Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai, covering an area of 15,000 square meters. 

It welcomed over 200 corporations from 43 countries and five continents, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, to showcase their specialties, artifacts, performances, and culture.

Hua Lingxi / SHINE

A man tries oatmeal provided by a Taiwan food corporation.

"This fair offers an opportunity for us to show the latest products which are ready to enter the mainland market," said Huang Chao, assistant to China honorary representative of the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

"We welcomed far more people than we had expected to our booth showing interest," Huang said.

Hua Lingxi / SHINE

Onlookers watch as a man rolls a cigar at the Dominican pavilion.

The Belt and Road Brand Expo is a blend of displays, economic and trade exchange, consumer experience, and cultural presentations designed to promote the Belt and Road Initiative, and at the same time provide a professional and personal insight to different cultures for people, all without stepping foot out of Shanghai. 

On-site activities include food and wine tasting, lucky draws, lectures and performances.

The expo will last for three days in Shanghai till July 1 before moving to Chongqing, its second stop, in November. 

Hua Lingxi / SHINE

Visitors enjoy a Pakistani folk instrument and dance performance.

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