Traditional Chinese clothing in the online spotlight

Shanghai-headquartered video sharing and live-streaming site Bilibili has wrapped up a weekend event over the weekend celebrating "Huafu," or traditional Chinese clothing.

Shanghai-headquartered video sharing and live-streaming website Bilibili has wrapped up a celebration over the weekend on "Huafu," or traditional Chinese clothing. 

A Hanfu-themed catwalk show was kicked off as a celebration for the wrapping up of the event, which was initiated on "China Hanfu Day" by the Communist Youth League in April this year.

Huafu photo contests and other online and offline events have also been staged as part of efforts to revive traditional Chinese clothing and other cultural relics with ethnic specialties.

Ti Gong
Ti Gong

Renowned Kunqu Opera performer Zhang Jun performed a part of the Ming Dynasty Kunqu Opera Peony Pavilion on stage.

Favored by cosplay enthusiasts, Bilibili said it has also successfully attracted locally made animations and cartoon lovers.

The number of viewers for locally made cartoon works, as well as videos featuring traditional Chinese clothing and dancing, has grown over the past five years.  

Designer Li Dengting showcased his latest designs, which combine daily outfits with traditional Chinese clothing and decoration elements.

He said that showcasing his outfits towards young audiences on such occasions helps them understand that traditional culture can be adapted to suit the modern age while keeping its essence. 

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