Shanghai Banking Association welcomes its centennial

Sunday marks a centennial day for the Shanghai Banking Association, a non-profitable industry organization, with banks and non-banking financial institutions as its members. 

The Shanghai Banking Association, a non-profitable and non-governmental industry organization, celebrates its centennial today.

The SBA, whose members are banks and non-banking financial institutions, is committed to building itself into a highly professional and international trade body by practising self-discipline, protecting rights, and offering services to members. As of the end of June, the SBA has 222 members which include banks, trust companies, financial leasing companies, among other financial institutions.

It was founded as the Shanghai Bankers’ Association in 1918.

At the end of the 1990s, as China's reform of its financial industry gathered pace, Shanghai saw an increasing number of foreign and domestic financial institutions which expanded their scope of business. Inter-bank cooperation became closer and more widespread. The bankers' association was renamed as the Shanghai Banking Association.

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