First exhibit for import expo arrives in Shanghai

The first exhibit of the 2018 China International Import Expo has arrived in Shanghai.
Yao Yifan

The first exhibit of the 2018 China International Import Expo, a new model of biofuel vehicle to be exhibited at the Finnish national pavilion, arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on September 6.

The new type of biological concept car, called "Driven By Biofore," or Biofore, is designed and produced by the UPM Company, which is not a traditional car manufacturer, but a well-known player in the pulp and paper industry in Finland.

Early on Tuesday, UPM submitted the ATA Carnet, which is the international "passport" for exhibits, to Shanghai Customs, making the Biofore the first exhibit at the first China international import expo to be cleared through customs.

According to UPM, Biofore is a new concept which aims to capture the transformation of the modern forest industry, where biology and forest industries are integrated to create new, high quality alternatives for non-renewable materials.

Yao Yifan

The 30,000-euro (US$34,800) car weighs 1,110 kilograms, making it much lighter than the average car. The material used for traditionally plastic parts such as doors and openings are made of biological composites and wood, making the car about 150 kilograms lighter than a traditional car of the same size.

Also of note, the street-legal version of the car is powered by UPM BioVerno renewable biodiesel, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent, compared with conventional diesel, and can be used in all diesel engines.

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