A leader in the city's high-technology industry

Sing-Long Lee, a graduate of the University of Missouri in the United States, chose Shanghai to further his career for the vibrancy of the city and its people.

 Sing-Long Lee, corporate vice president of AMD

A Shanghai resident for 12 years, Sing-Long Lee, Corporate Vice President of AMD, has been presented with the 2018 Magnolia Silver Award.

Lee was born in Taiwan in 1960 and began working in the industry after he received master’s degree in electronic engineering from the University of Missouri.

After working in Silicon Valley for 20 years, he decided to return to China to further his career. 

He said he chose Shanghai for the vibrancy of the city and of its residents. He was responsible for the establishment of Research and Development Center in China for AMD, the California-based multinational semiconductor company.

His team was all industry professionals. 

“Talents and what they produce are the most essential in R&D center,” Lee said with the obvious proud of his team. “They can connect and co-work with global teams seamlessly by their own efforts,” he said.

AMD Shanghai R&D Center is based in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in the city’s northeast where more than 10,000 enterprises involved in integrated circuits, bio-pharmaceuticals, new energy and new materials have also settled.

He has employed many methods to help Chinese professionals to grow up in the high-tech industry, such as facilitating trainings and exchange programs with the US, organizing Asia Technology Forum, working as an “enterprise supervisor” at a national college algorithm competition to give support and guidance to students and etc.

Next year AMD Shanghai R&D Center will be further developing, and under the support from its headquarters, it will undertake more research and development tasks in core technology.

“China’s semiconductor industry is well planned,” Lee said, stressing pioneers such as AMD or small startups will have more opportunities and potentials in the future.

The Magnolia Silver Award commends those who make an immense contribution to Shanghai’s economic construction, social development and international exchanges.

“The award is not only a personal honor but also recognition of AMD’s contribution to the modernization of Shanghai as a city,” Lee said. “It will motivate me and all my colleagues to make more contributions to Shanghai’s prosperity and sustainable development.”


Lee is also an active contributor to Shanghai's sustainable development as he joins many events for social responsibility.

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