AI set to take on bigger role in daily life

AI is being used in various sectors of daily life, such as driverless trucks in ports, AI "doctors" working 24 hours and a "brain" to analyze data to help fight financial fraud.

AI is already being used in various sectors of daily life, such as driverless trucks in ports, AI “doctors” working 24 hours and a “brain” to analyze data to help fight financial fraud and control traffic in railway stations, Shanghai Daily learned through a media tour of WAIC.

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference will officially open today and it serves as a global platform for topics and exhibition on artificial intelligence.

More than 200 speakers, such as top government officials, business executives and researchers including Turing Award winners, will share their opinions in over 30 AI forums during the three-day event. A total of over 150 exhibitors, including Alibaba, Amazon, Huawei, Microsoft and Tencent, along with promising startups, will offer visitors immersive AI interactive displays. The applications of AI are expected to boost the economy and change people’s lives in the transport, finance, retail, health care, smart manufacturing, education and service industries, organizers said.

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Self-driving trucks are used in ports both domestically and overseas regions. 

Self-driving trucks adopting AI technologies in visual recognition, environment detection and extreme precision positioning are being used in ports, helping to save labor cost and improve work efficiency for logistic firms and the ports. 

The “heart” of the truck is an AI-featured chip, which is developed by a Shanghai-based startup Westwell.

The startup, which just released self-driving brand Qomolo, has joined hands with three listed firms including Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co to adopt applications in ports including overseas. 

Westwell focuses on helping firm to “land” AI technologies, said Tan Limin, the firm’s CEO.

Horizon Robotics and Cambricon are displaying latest AI chips in B2 Hall of WAIC. 

Horizon’s strategy is to focus on applying chips featuring AI in smart driving and smart city. 

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AI-featured TCM services is shown in Healthcare Planet booth during WAIC

Automatic mini-clinic, AI-powered Hua Tuo (a legendary doctor in Chinese history) and wearable robots for rehabilitation are in the spotlight at the Healthcare Planet of WAIC.

The mini-clinic — the size of a phone booth — features interactive screens, basic diagnostic instruments and “AI Doctor” and analysis tools, which are developed by Shanghai-based Ping An Good Doctor.

An “AI Doctor” is able to offer consultation on normal diseases within minutes. Licensed human doctors can give a final diagnosis and prescriptions if necessary. Medicines can be delivered within “several hours” in cities like Shanghai after online payment. The mini-clinic will be set up in public places such as pharmacy stores and banks, Shanghai Daily learned.

Another local startup, Fourier, is showcasing products and services in rehabilitation robotics that can help patients go beyond their physical limits.

The AI technology is used to solve problems such as limited hospital resources in China, said Hong Kong-listed Ping An Good Doctor, whose daily consultancy volume on its mobile app hits 573,000 times on average.

It also showcases a modern Hua Tuo through integration of AI and TCM or traditional Chinese medicine.

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Wearable robots are designed to help patients regain health and strengthen.  

The Shanghai Big Data Joint Information Lab uses the latest AI applications on finance to warn investors of potential risks of fraud. 

The lab, backed by technology from Fudan University and data from telecommunications carriers, banks and security firms, has set up a database of finance fraud cases which have occurred in Shanghai in the past 20 years, including run-away P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platforms.

Alibaba, Huawei and SenseTime are showcasing applications during WAIC.

Huawei is showing off a new cloud-based system embracing all-in-one AI devices that ensure data security and analysis efficiency for clients.

“All data is stored and processed locally by (enterprise) clients themselves. We just provide related AI and cloud abilities,” said Huawei at its booth at the event. 

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AI-featured robots shined during WAIC exhibition.

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