Medical firms flock to expo

Huang Yixuan
More than 300 medical companies are taking part in next month's China International Import Expo and occupying a total exhibition area of nearly 45,000 square meters.
Huang Yixuan

A total of 313 medical companies will participate in the second China International Import Expo with a total exhibition area of nearly 45,000 square meters to showcase advanced products and services including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, health-care products, and nursing solutions. 

The number of Global Fortune 500 companies and leading enterprises this year will double that of the first CIIE. Sixteen Global Fortune 500 companies will cover 13,844 square meters, with another 46 industry leaders occupying a total area of 18,375 square meters in the exhibition area of medical equipment and health-care products. 

Wu Jun, an executive with the China International Import Expo Bureau, said the medical section was the first to be fully booked by exhibitors, after which the bureau expanded the exhibition area to 45,000 square meters, but still not sufficient to meet the needs of all enterprises.

AstraZeneca plc and Merck & Co (MSD) have the biggest exhibition areas at 800 square meters each.

Merck & Co said that as it had missed the first expo, it hoped to make up for it this time, according to Wu, who said many large enterprises had said they hoped to book the best booths for next year's CIIE and the year after that.

"Many medical companies, including Astrazeneca, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, have signed up for the third expo, and Terumo Corp from Japan, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, has booked booths for the third and fourth CIIE, which means they will participate in the expo for four years in a row," said Wu.

"Based on the information we've collected earlier, it is conservatively estimated that more than 200 new products and technologies will make their global, regional or Chinese debuts at the expo," Wu said. "This number is double last year's, and the actual figure should be no less."

The 313 companies comprise 18 pharmaceutical drug firms with a area of 14,831 square meters, 78 medical equipments and services companies with 16,891 square meters, 117 health care product enterprises with 9,387 square meters, and 100 companies on nursing for the aged and recovery occupying 3,364 square meters.

Medical firms flock to expo

Terumo Corp is bringing its Nanopass 34G pen needle – the world's thinnest double tapered pen needle with a diameter of only 0.18 millimeters. 

Medical firms flock to expo

Boston Scientific, meanwhile, will display its Sentinel Cerebral Protection System, which is indicated for use as a protection device to capture and remove thrombus/debris while performing TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) procedures. It was among the 2019 Prix Galien USA nominees in the "Best Medical Technology" category.

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