Small US firm shows big achievement in HIV testing

Yuan Luhang
Sedia Biosciences' new rapid HIV blood test can be run in just 20 minutes without a lab. It can also identify new cases of infection.
Yuan Luhang

A new rapid HIV blood test was shown by US-based Sedia Biosciences on Friday during the second CIIE. 

Albeit a small company with only 30 people, Sedia Biosciences has grown fast with its test services that can identify people infected with HIV, especially those who are still in very early stage.

The first 180 days of infection are the most critical, as the virus can be controlled by drug treatment if caught during this period. Besides, new infections are also the most infectious, and the new blood test helps to identify and treat the most dangerous carriers.

“The proportion of HIV-infected people in the world, including China, is on the rise, especially among college students. The test can be easily run by trained individuals in just 20 minutes and does not require a laboratory,” said Ron Mink, the main developer for the test.

“It is a new public health tool that tells us where new outbreaks, or 'hot spots,' are so public health leaders can better target and fight the epidemic.” Mink added.

Sedia developed the test in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control and is looking for investment to bring this new tool to the Chinese market and gain regulatory approval through the Chinese National Medical Products Administration.

The test is already being used by US government programs in over 20 countries, and is helping to significantly reduce new infections by tapping public health records.

Compared with larger peers, Mink said they "are much more grateful for the opportunity to present to the world market at the Chinese International Import Expo, where our products can receive broad international attention.”

Small US firm shows big achievement in HIV testing

Sedia's new rapid HIV blood test was shown at CIIE.

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