Signify makes light work of data transfer

Second generation LiFi technology on display at the China International Import Expo claims to offer a wider bandwith channel than Wi-Fi. 

Signify's second generation LiFi technology is on display at the CIIE with a new brand called Trulifi which uses light to transfer data between devices. 

Shot by Zhou Shengjie. Edited by Zhong Youyang. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou and Andy Boreham.

The light communication system is capable of transmitting data at high speed over the visible light, ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. 

When deployed at a large scale, the company said, it offers a wider bandwidth channel than Wi-Fi, which uses radio frequencies to transmit data and to stay free from electromagnetic interference. 

LiFi is available under the Trulifi brand either built-in or by adding a plug-in light transmitter to its existing office lighting portfolio. 

Signify said it's aiming at professional markets such as offices, hospitality, retail, industrial and health care to adopt the technology. It is already being trialed at offices in the China Academy of Building Research in Beijing. 

Signify makes light work of data transfer
Ti Gong

Trulifi is said to offer a wider bandwidth channel than a Wi-Fi connection.

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