Preparations begin for next year's 4th CIIE

Huang Yixuan
Meeting held to attract exhibitors in the integrated circuits sector with a special area to be set up in the intelligent industry and informational technology exhibition zone.
Huang Yixuan

The first promotion meeting for the 4th China International Import Expo was held on Wednesday to attract exhibitors in the integrated circuits sector.

A special area for the sector will be set up in the intelligent industry and informational technology exhibition zone at the event, the China International Import Expo Bureau announced.

As the core of information technology industry, the integrated circuit sector is a strategic, basic and leading industry supporting national economic and social development, said Liu Fuxue, deputy director of the bureau.

In recent years, China’s IC industry has developed rapidly and become the largest and fastest growing IC market in the world.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy, the integrated circuit industry is still in a unique position, Liu said.

The monitoring of the pandemic under the Internet of Things and the need for non-contact social interaction had created huge development opportunities for the import of integrated circuits. It will also stimulate demand in the domestic alternative market. 

"Under such circumstances, we will newly set up a special area for integrated circuit industry at the 4th CIIE," Liu said. It is aimed at helping improve the professionalism and quality of the expo, gather global resources, help build an ecology for an integrated circuit industrial chain, as well as promote innovative development of enterprises in related fields.

Qualcomm, a leading wireless technology innovator, has taken part in all three previous CIIEs and has already signed up for next year’s event. 

Guo Tao, the company’s global vice president, said he believes the special IC area will provide IC enterprises with better opportunities to learn from their peers and build greater inter-industry cooperation and government communication. 

The intelligent industry and informational technology exhibition zone has always been eye-catching at previous CIIEs. During the 3rd expo, the area gathered a large number of Global Fortune 500 enterprises, with a hundred new products or services making their debut, of which more than 20 were world premieres.

The 4th CIIE will be held from November 5 to 10 next year. The business exhibition will have areas for food and agricultural products, automobiles, intelligent industries and information technology, consumer goods, medical equipment and health care products, and trade in services.

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