Deputies to SPC submit 1,040 suggestions

Huang Yixuan
Many suggestions at the Shanghai People's Congress related to the overall development of the city with 156 focusing on ways to implement the 14th Five-Year Plan.
Huang Yixuan

Deputies to the Shanghai People’s Congress this year had submitted 1,040 suggestions to the government by 1:30 pm on Tuesday.

Among the suggestions are 104 related to the supervision and judiciary; 211 concerning finance, economy and budgets; 261 regarding education, science, culture and health; 301 on urban construction and environmental protection; four discussing nationalities, religions and foreign affairs; 23 about agriculture and rural areas; 130 touching on social development; and six focusing on the work of the Congress.

The number of suggestions were slightly higher than that at the third session (1,000 suggestions received).

Many suggestions were made on the overall development of Shanghai complying with the national strategies, of which 156 focused on the way to implement the city’s 14th Five-Year Plan, 28 on strengthening the “four major functions,” 30 on developing the “five types of economy,” and 35 on boosting digital transformation.

Deputies also paid attention to hot topics related to urban construction and social governance, including issues about ecosystem conservation, urban road construction and public transport administration, traffic safety management, and social governance at grassroots level.

Meanwhile, the city's lawmakers showed their concern for the continuous protection and improvement of people’s livelihoods.

Suggestions were submitted to address the problems in caring for old people, education and health care. Among them, 13 suggestions aimed to solve the problem of the elderly using intelligent technology; 21 were related to the installation of elevators in the city’s residential buildings; 21 discussed the management of non-motor vehicles; 63 suggestions were related to education; and 81 concerned the city's health care and medical treatment work including pandemic prevention and control.

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