Technology fair to display latest AI products

Huang Yixuan
Cutting-edge technology from companies involved in artificial intelligence will be a feature at the 8th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair from April 15 to 17.
Huang Yixuan

Artificial intelligence companies will be among those exhibiting their latest achievements at the 8th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair from April 15 to 17.

Appen China will be showing its 3D Point Cloud Annotation tool. It fuses any 3D sensor data with 2D camera images to build an intuitive annotation interface. Contributors can then create 3D annotations to bring to models across a diverse set of industries.

Private enterprise DeepBlue Technology will present advanced products in fields that include intelligent driving, intelligent robots, biological intelligence and smart retailers.

Among its products on display will be the DeepBlue Panda AI Bus, a luxury passenger vehicle equipped with artificial technologies such as self-driving capabilities; an unmanned AI sanitising and industrial vacuum vehicle; and its Palm Vein Recognition Access Gate, a security access innovation that uses palm-vein recognition technology.

Computer vision technology company Clobotics Co will showcase its intelligent solutions for the retail and wind power sectors.

"The fair serves as a window for us to see the development and innovation in various technology sectors, and offers us a platform to promote our products and technologies and connect with more potential partners," said Yan Zhiqing, the company’s founder and CEO.

"With the opportunities brought by the fair this year, I believe we can make better preparations for our business expansion to new markets," Yan said.

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