Shanghai to promote products from Xinjiang

Huang Yixuan
Campaign during the second Double Five Shopping Festival aims to boost sales of products from the autonomous region with discounts and special offers online and in city stores.
Huang Yixuan

Shanghai launched a campaign to promote products from Xinjiang, a special event for the second Double Five Shopping Festival.

The campaign will last to the end of December, with a series of online and offline activities to introduce more high-quality goods from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the Shanghai market.

It aims to consolidate and expand China's achievements in combating poverty and bolster the revitalization of rural areas.

A first batch of 68 agricultural products from Kashgar, China's westernmost city, will be among the core products recommended to Shanghai residents, including dried fruit, beef jerky, white raisins, rose and mulberry leaf tea, and ejiao cake, a traditional snack made of donkey-hide gelatin.

Consumers can get discounts for Xinjiang products on many online platforms, such as WeChat, and various retailers' mobile apps.

Special deals are to be on offer in city stores, including Shanghai NGS Supermarket, Lianhua Supermarket and Suning Carrefour.

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