Time-honored brands popular with livestream event viewers

Tong Wangyue
Time-honored Shanghai brands joined a livestreaming sales event as one of the activities of the second "May 5 Shopping Festival" last month.
Tong Wangyue

Twenty-five time-honored Shanghai brands joined a livestreaming sales event at the Shanghai International Short Video Center in Jiading as one of the activities of the second "May 5 Shopping Festival" last month.

These Shanghai brands were represented in the livestreaming broadcast room to show their culture and quality, aiming to create a "cultural brand" in Shanghai.

"The Qiaojiashan brand dates back to 1909. At that time, Shanghai social celebrities like Mei Lanfang and Zhou Xinfang loved the steamed glutinous rice with bean paste and other treats," said Xu Xiang, a Shanghai wanghong (Internet celebrity) compere, when telling the brand's story to the audience for his livestreaming broadcast. The highlight was the newly launched Qiao Coffee drip bag coffee product, attracting many customers.

Established in 2019, the Qiao Coffee brand currently has three stores in Shanghai. Zhang Shuang, deputy general manager of Shanghai Qiaojiashan Catering and Food Development Co Ltd, said the livesteaming that day attracted more than 10,000 viewers.

The time-honored clothing brand Three Guns brought its T-shirts co-branded with animation "Luo Xiaohei." In addition, cross-border cooperation between Three Guns and the Forbidden City was launched during the livestreaming on the night. Three Guns has not only maintained its unique artisan skills, but also attracted a number of young consumers through cooperation with young brands to inject new vitality into the brand.

During the event, Phoenix all-terrain road bike, Hero ink and music box, Sanniu chocolate cookies and other trendy products were all showcased.

The prices in the livestreaming activity were also more favorable with the lowest discount of 30 percent.

For example, jewelry brand Jinchenghuang's gift box, consisting of a Jinchenghuang 2021 designer necklace, a Hero 953 signature pen and milk candies co-branded by White Rabbit and the Summer Palace.

People can purchase the gift box for 2,280 yuan (US$352.7), 400 yuan less than the original price. The original price of Godly's vacuum vegetarian gift box was 69.9 yuan, but the price during the livestreaming was 49.9 yuan, which proved the popularity among customers.

The livestreaming event was organized by the Shanghai Chinese Old Brand Enterprise Association, and the number of viewers reached 600,000, with more than 50,000 comments.

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