Classic Shanghai brands go on display at the new Laozihao Pavillion

Huang Yixuan
Opening on October 1, the Laozihao Pavillion is honoring Shanghai's most revered time-honored brands, giving visitors an intimate look at their history, development and culture.
Huang Yixuan

A new landmark for time-honored brands, or Laozihao, in Shanghai is to be opened to the public on October 1.

The Huashan 263 Laozihao Pavillion, formerly an office of the Bright Food Group located on Huashan Road, is the first public cultural space in the city with a comprehensive display of Laozihao culture.

"We have picked over 100 representative, well-established brands to tell the story of classic local brands in the pavilion", said Liu Min, deputy director of the city's commission of commerce.

The history of development and the innovative achievements of these Laozihao brands will be put on display, highlighting the "spirit of craftsmanship," Liu said.

The pavilion gathered a number of the city's famous and popular Laozihao brands, showing their company history, brand culture, craftsmanship, featured products and innovation, each telling their own "Shanghai story," spanning decades of development.

Brands such as candy maker White Rabbit, painting material firm Marie, and sporting goods company DHS Sports have also set up interactive installations for children to enjoy.

White Rabbit also brought some of their crossover products, and is launching a new pillow made in the shape of its popular candy.

Longfeng, a qipao (chirpaur or Cheonsam) brand under the Shanghai Kaikai, will exhibit several qipao made with unique craftsmanship, qualifying it as a part of the national intangible cultural heritage.

Other Laozihao brands including toothpaste brand Maxam, coffee brand Shanghai, and eyeglasses brand Maochang Glasses will also display their representative products.

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