Online insurance brokerage to upgrade services says it is aiming to better help customers in selecting protection plans and making claims after an accident. 

Shenzhen-based online insurance brokerage said it is making upgrades to better help customers with protection plan selection and insurance claims.

Industry data showed that in 2018 there were 39,821 complaints related to life insurance, with around a quarter of cases in dispute. There were 48,633 property and casualty insurance complaints, where almost 80 percent saw diverging opinions between insurers and consumers.

Misleading or exaggerated marketing of insurance products was a major contributor to these disputes and, more often than not, customers tend to have no idea of the coverage of the plans they bought, said Lu Ya, general manager of household protections department at Huize.

Huize aims to offer quality one-stop services for policyholders and promised “three nots,” namely, they would respect users’ protection needs, protect their private information and not make cold calls.

Their insurance consultants would not mislead customers on the coverage of the protection plans and would instead remind them of hidden risks in contracts. Huize said their service records would be retraceable and open to clients.

The platform would also commit itself to offering timely conservation services for the insured and would assign special staff to deal with customer complaints and set a time limit for that.

A recent industry poll showed that around 70 percent of people found it was difficult to understand terms in insurance contracts and hoped for professional assistance while seeking insurance claims.

Huize said it would extract and summarize the main protection points of each insurance product and interpret the terms in plain languages to its customers one to one. It would also help policyholders in making claims after accidents.

The online brokerage said it would also adopt intelligent technologies to help users choose the most suitable cover from the 1,000 products available on the platform.

Since it was founded in 2006, has served over 10 million customers.

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