WeSure launches outpatient plan

Tencent's online insurance platform offers a product which will cover the cost of treatment that doesn't require overnight stays.

Tencent’s online insurance platform WeSure has launched an outpatient insurance product which will cover the cost of medical treatments, such as general practitioner visits, which do not require hospitalization or an overnight stay at any other medical institution.

Compared with the much higher inpatient costs which typically involve surgery charges, outpatient spending usually tends to be lower but can add up over time.

Data from the National Health Commission showed there were 8.18 billion outpatients nationwide in 2017, an annual increase of 3.2 percent year on year. On average, a Chinese person will make 5.9 outpatient visits per year.

Outpatient insurance will help offset the ever-rising cost of medical care and will be especially beneficial for people who require frequent visits to their doctor, or who have a growing family with children who need frequent outpatient care.

To meet a growing demand, WeSure has unveiled a one-year plan together with Taikang Online P&C Insurance Co, which will cost policyholders a minimum of 18.5 yuan (US$2.67) per month for cover up to 5,000 yuan. The product is available for people aged from 3 to 49 years.

Due to the high probability of claims, outpatient insurance currently available is generally attached to inpatient medical responsibilities, the brokerage said. The extent of cover can also vary between various plans and insurance providers, with most annual payment ranging from 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

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