Mashang unveils new AI customer service

Tracy Li
Company's self-developed system employing artificial intelligence aims to create more humanized bilateral communications for its users to give them a better experience.
Tracy Li

Mashang Consumer Finance Co Ltd has unveiled a new intelligent customer service supported by artificial intelligence technology, aiming to create more humanized bilateral communication for users and deliver better customer experience.

The company’s self-developed intelligent interruption service will pioneer the use of real-time voice recognition and noise-reduction interruption technology in the consumer credit industry and further improve the current speech recognition technology.

It can specify the intention for making interruptions, make timely response to customers’ sudden inquiries and ensure the whole process of task execution is not affected, the Chongqing-based company said.

The intelligent interruption service will deliver a more comfortable customer experience as communication between the intelligent customer service and users will become two-way from one-way and their questions can be accessed in a timely manner.

AI technology is seeing more and more wide applications in operations such as customer service and has helped companies improve their customer service efficiency and reduce labor costs.

 On the other hand, however, the market is crowded with similar such products which can only deal with simple and repetitive problems and are not able to have a better understanding of users’ questions.

“Whoever has mastered the core technology on his own will grasp the core competitiveness in the sector,” said Zhao Guoqing, founder and CEO of Mashang Consumer Finance.

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