Positive outlook for STAR-list companies

Rich Zhu
Preliminary forecasts indicate that around 70 percent of firms listed on Shanghai's Nasdaq-like bourse to support tech startups will post positive results for 2019.
Rich Zhu

About 70 percent of firms listed on the SSE STAR Market, Shanghai's Nasdaq-like bourse to support tech startups, may post positive annual results in 2019, according to their preliminary forecasts.

Up to now, 48 STAR-listed firms have posted annual result forecasts. Among them, net profit of 34 firms grew in 2019, accounting for 70.8 percent. 

All 80 firms traded on the STAR Market will release official reports from the end of February. 

STAR-listed firms lead the surge in the market as it allows a 20 percent daily cap for increases or drops each day, as well as no daily limit in the first five trading days.

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