WeSure launches insurance awareness festival

Tracy Li
Tencent's insurance agency platform puts traditional methods aside as it goes online to interact with potential policy holders on social media and improve the industry's image.
Tracy Li

With the approach of National Insurance Awareness Day on July 8, Tencent's insurance agency platform WeSure launched a festival on the theme on Thursday.

Via short videos on China's four great classics on social media and live streaming, the company aims to interact with potential policy holders and improve the insurance industry’s image.

Data from WeSure shows that more than a million users joined the event on WeChat just eight hours after it was launched, and it is estimated that the number of participants will exceed 100 million over the 10-day online festival.

As the insurance industry's first "festival-making" attempt, the platform abandoned traditional methods of promoting insurance products, focusing instead on interactivity and participation.

WeSure hopes that fun and interesting social media ways to package insurance knowledge into attractive content that users are interested in will raise awareness of the need for insurance.

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