Insurer banking on user health management

Tracy Li
Ping An Health Insurance says it has helped over 11 million users manage and improve their health over the past three years with its credit-based health management system.
Tracy Li

Ping An Health Insurance announced on Wednesday that it has helped over 11 million users manage and improve their health by building a credit-based health management system over the past three years.

Its HelloRun health management plan, launched in 2017, aims to predict personal health risks and help customers and insurance companies take precautions and control risks.

With a user's data, such as height, weight, blood sugar and blood pressure, the system can analyze policyholders’ health and exercise habits.

For users who join the plan, Ping An Health Insurance keeps them aware of their health by setting tasks on its mobile app, and guides them to change and track their diet, exercise and body index, which will eventually be reflected in the form of their health credit score.

When their health credit score is at a good level, users will be rewarded with a free guarantee and preferential rate while buying insurance policies, in addition to quality medical service, the company said.

Among the 11 million users, the younger generation have shown strong enthusiasm, it said, with 40 percent of them born in the 1980s.

Since 2016, China has vigorously advocated encouraging disease prevention and thereby reducing people’s medical needs. Documents such as "Healthy China 2030" also emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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