Firm's facial recognition tech verified as safe

Tracy Li
Mashang Consumer Finance said its self-developed system has passed an industry test showing that it's safe against fraud and attacks.
Tracy Li

Mashang Consumer Finance Co Ltd said its self-developed facial recognition technology has officially passed an authoritative industry test and has proven to be safe against biometric fraud.

With Mashang’s technology, both the real person pass rate and the prosthesis attack detection rate reached 100 percent, according to test results by the Bank Card Testing Center.

The certification test was initiated by the Bank Card Testing Center in early 2019.

To be deemed safe, living body detection and facial recognition technology must be able to defeat prosthetic attacks, prevent fraudulent use and abuse of faces, and protect the safety of users.

The Chongqing-based consumer credit company said its facial recognition technology has been widely used for online identity verification and it is expanding these capabilities to smart retail, smart shopping malls, smart hotels and other financial payment scenarios.

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