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China's VR sales account for 10 percent globally

But challenges remain for the country's VR market 

China’s virtual reality market notched up sales of 80,000 units in the second quarter, accounting for 10 percent of the global market, research firm Canalys said today.

The overall VR headset market in China surged 25 percent quarter on quarter to 80,000 units in April to June. Notable vendors, including Pico, 3Glasses and Hypereal, contributed to the growth as they unveiled new products. DPVR, HTC, Sony, Pico, 3Glasses were the top five vendors, according to Canalys.

Meanwhile, Canalys estimated that the worldwide VR headset shipments reached 800,000 units in the second quarter, with China accounting for 10 percent of the market.

China’s consumer VR market, however, remains challenging, as market leaders DPVR, HTC, Sony and Pico released new models and cut prices to grab market shares in the quarter, industry insiders said.

HTC said on Monday that it would cut the price of HTC Vive by 1,400 yuan (US$206) to 5,488 yuan.

“There is no longer a winter for the VR market. Everything has warmed up,” Alvin W. Graylin, China president of HTC Vive, said during an interview at ChinaJoy last month. 

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