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The most expensive iPhone is yet to come to China, but already triggers debates

Apple's new line of products become more expensive and its controversial FaceID Tech creates debate online. 

The price gap of the upcoming iPhone X, the most expensive iPhone in the history, enlarged to up to 1,400 yuan (US$212)  between Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. 

In the Chinese mainland, Apple will start pre-order of iPhone X on October 27 and start shipping on November 3. The 64 gigabyte model cost 8,388 yuan while the 256 GB model cost 9,688 yuan. Comparatively, the models sold in Hong Kong were 1,200 to 1,400 yuan cheaper. 

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models will start pre-order on Friday and start shipping next Friday.

Chinese netizens are curious about the new technology called FaceID or facial recognition on iPhone X, which will replace the fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone.

People are concerned about security and accuracy rate of the new technology, who spread related pictures and worry on social websites.


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