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Huawei to "popularize" full-display screen

Three Honor phone models released at prices less than one-fifth the cost of Smasung and Apple's flagship models

Huawei aims to cement its leading position in China’s domestic market with a price-aggressive strategy on full-display screen phone models, Shanghai Daily learned today.

Huawei launched three full-display Honor models whose prices start from 1,299 yuan (US$197), less than one-fifth the price of Samsung and Apple’s flagship models which normally cost up to 8,000 yuan.

The new Honor models, which will be available on Tuesday, will “popularize” full-display screens in the market, said Zhao Ming, president of the Honor brand.

“It (full-view screen) is a ‘Wow’ product to woo consumers. And it will become a must-have feature soon, like dual-cameras,” said Jia Mo, analyst at research firm Canalys.

Other vendors including Samsung, Apple, Vivo and Xiaomi have incorporated the full-screen display in their flagship models.

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