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Intel invests US$60 million in startups, including one from China

Intel wants to become a "data company." 

Intel Corp announced today to invest US$60 million in 15 startups globally, including one artificial intelligence firm from China.

Through the investment, the chip maker chooses firms in AI, Internet security and autonomous machines. With the investment, Intel has totally invested more than US$566 million on startups up to now in 2017, through the company’s venture subsidy Intel Capital.

“The world is undergoing a data explosion. As Intel transitions to a data company, Intel Capital is actively investing in startups across the technology spectrum that can help expand the data ecosystem and pathfind important new technologies,” Intel Capital’s president Wendell Brooks said in a conference in San Francisco.

The Chinese company is Horizon Robotics based in Beijing, which provides integrated and open embedded AI (artificial intelligence) for more than 1,000 categories of devices, such as autonomous vehicles and smart cameras.

Other newly funded companies focus on AI, 3D medical visualization, robots for retail and cybersecurity inspired by the human immune system.

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