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90% of users think China's Internet is "safe"

But issues such as unsafe habits like having same password across various accounts and not being careful when accessing unknown public Wi-Fi networks need to change 

About 90 percent of people think that China's Internet network is "safe", China's biggest online security firm 360 Technology said today in a report. 

?Some users still adopt unsafe habits such as having the same password across various accounts, not being careful when accessing unknown public Wi-Fi networks and don't care about the danger regarding Class A virus such as WannaCry, which affected millions of devices for several months, said 360 which has more than 800 million users nationwide.

A security flaw in Wi-Fi encryption protocol, which can open the door to attacks to eavesdrop on or hijack devices using wireless networks, was discovered last week, security experts said.

But 18.4 percent of users are still willing to access any free public Wi-Fi networks, which contain potential risks and flaws, said 360 in the report.

Meanwhile, 13.8 percent of users are using one password for all accounts, a practice that is not advised by experts. Instead, users should adopt different passwords for various applications, such as separate ones on payment and finance accounts, experts said.

The report said that almost 20 percent of users don't care about the consequences arising from the Class A virus WannaCry. In May, WannaCry  hit more than 200,000 users in over 150 countries including China. WannaCry locked up files and insisted that users pay to regain access to them, and damaged data in servers of hospitals and universities.

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