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ARM offers new security platform for devices

Cloud firms support company's new Platform Security Architecture

Chinese top cloud service providers have supported ARM’s new security platform in the Internet of Things sector, which will connect 1 trillion devices by 2035 globally, the company said today in Shanghai.

ARM's new PSA (Platform Security Architecture) defines a secure foundation for connected devices, endorsed by partners with “growing numbers,” according to Arm, adding that newcomers include Alibaba Cloud and Amazon AWS.

Its platform offers higher security level as it is supported by chip designers, software and hardware vendors and cloud firms including Alibaba and Baidu, said ARM, which offers architecture for chips used in most smartphones and many electronics.

ARM expects to ship 200 billion ARM-based chips by 2021, with 100 billion chips already shipped and another 100 billion chips to be delivered by 2021. By 2035, the global connected devices will total 1 trillion, according to industry watchers.

ARM offers new security platform for devices
Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

ARM showcases new Platform Security Architecture in Shanghai

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