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Lenovo taps Thinkpad sales to expand share in high-end market

China's largest PC maker is marking Thinkpad's 25-year-history

Lenovo Group Ltd, which returned to profitability in the latest quarter, aims to tap its Thinkpad business to expand its market share in the high-end segment.

By 2016, Lenovo's share of the personal laptop computer market in China was 30 percent while it captured almost 40 percent of the market for laptops which cost over US$700, Ryan Liu, director of marketing and strategy & operations and Thinkpad marketing of Lenovo China. 

Globally, combined Thinkpad laptop sales hit 130 million units by last month. In China, Lenovo sold 2.5 million Thinkpad laptops in 2016.

Lenovo is marking the 25-year history of the Thinkpad.

Last week, Lenovo posted its strongest revenue growth in two years amid signs the PC market was stabilizing.

In the third quarter, China’s largest PC maker posted a 5 percent jump in revenue to US$11.8 billion, beating a forecast of US$11.3 billion. But Lenovo returned to profitability from the second quarter when its net profit hit US$139 million in the third quarter.

Also last week, Lenovo also said it planned to acquire Fujistu Ltd’s personal computer business for 17.85 billion yen (US$157 million).


Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

Lenovo displays classical Thinkpad models in Shanghai as part of the notebook's 25-year history

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