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Stratasys makes Shanghai its focus of regional 3D printing strategy

The company has made Shanghai its Asia-Pacific regional headquarters as it taps China's huge potential.
Ti Gong

Stratasys has opened a new 3D printing center in Shanghai and rebased its regional headquarters here.

Stratasys has opened a new 3D printing service center in Shanghai and upgraded its local office to become its Asia-Pacific regional headquarters, the world’s biggest 3D printer vendor said on Friday.

The move highlights the company’s commitment to China and the country's great potential in 3D printing, which is a key technology for boosting the innovation-driven economic transformation.

Global 3D printing revenue will hit US$327.8 billion by 2023, with annual growth forecast at 23 percent, according to MarketsandMarkets.

China's market will hit 50 billion yuan (US$756 million) by 2020, almost triple this year’s 17.3 billion yuan.

With Stratasys' new Shanghai center, 3D printing will become more accessible and customized, the company says.

Lower costs and technology for low volume printing will help boost the overall market, said Omer Krieger, general manager of Stratasys’Asia-Pacific and Japan.

The new Shanghai office triples the existing space. And the new regional headquarters will include China, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

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