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Alibaba Cloud and partners to deepen collaboration in artificial intelligence

Alibaba Cloud seeks to leverage AI capabilities in various sectors and to lead the next wave of industrial revolution. 

Alibaba’s cloud computing unit today signed deals with established partners to deepen collaboration in artificial intelligence to better serve the real economy. 

“Artificial intelligence should be better combined with industries to solve issues in the real economy and to lead the next wave of industrial revolution,” said Alibaba Cloud president Hu Xiaoming. 

"We want to push forward the applications of artificial intelligence technologies in a wide number of areas,” he said at the Cloud Computing Conference today. 

Alibaba Cloud's partners include China Telecom, Xinhua Bookstore and Beijing Capital International Airport.

China is also seeking to improve the AI technology in the next three years and to apply applications widely in multiple areas ranging from smart automobiles to robots and drones.

Alibaba Cloud also unveiled an AI program tailored for the aviation, financial and retail industries today. Its AI solution for the financial industry could help evaluate the credibility status of companies and enhance risk control measures. 

The company will also work with BMW China to promote an interlinked automobile digital service, another major step in the automobile sector. This comes after Alibaba inked a strategic collaboration deal with Ford Motor Company to explore sustainable mobility solutions. 

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