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Game firms accelerate expansion and acquisition plans

China's game market surged 23 percent to rake in US$30.8 million annually last year.

Chinese games firms are accelerating business expansion and integration to fully exploit a booming market that rakes in more than 200 million yuan (US$30.8 million) annually.

In 2017, China’s game market revenue surged 23 percent year on year to 203.6 billion yuan, helped by popular mobile game titles and gamers increasing spending on digital entertainment, according to the China Game Report of 2017.

Tencent plans to invest around 3 billion yuan in Shanda Games to deepenen the partnership between both sides.

Shenzhen-listed Sanqi Interactive also announced recently plans to spend 1.4 billion yuan to acquire 20 percent of Jiangsu Jiguang Network Firm, a key developer of Sanqi’s game portfolios.

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