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Apple Watch users on China's mainland to enjoy cellular services

Apple and China Unicom will offer the eSIM service tomorrow, which lets users access to Internet services independently.

Apple Watch users on the Chinese mainland will be able to enjoy cellular services from tomorrow, according to a China Unicom source.

Apple and its partner China Unicom will debut the new eSIM service tomorrow, which allows Watch users to access Internet services independently, Shanghai Daily learned today. Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Changsha will be first batch of cities offering the service. A ceremony will be held in Shanghai tomorrow to welcome the service, the source said.

Apple Watch users can access cellular services in “selected cities” initially and nationwide later this year, said Apple China website.

A cellular connection or eSIM technology is the biggest new feature on the latest Apple Watch, which allows people to use the Watch independently of the iPhone. The eSIM tech marks one of the most important tech upgrades and and is a major selling point of the device.

But no China's telecommunication carriers have supported the service since its debut in September. In the United States and other regions, the service is supported by various carriers.

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