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AI and robots AWE at top home appliance show

Integration of robotics, big data and AI is making electronics more user-friendly and intelligent.

Robotics, big data and artificial intelligence are making electronics more user-friendly and intelligent, Shanghai Daily learnt at the AWE show which opened today in the city.

“Intelligence is the future of the household appliance industry in China with integration between software and hardware, development of AI and cloud and upgrading to smart manufacturing,” said Jiang Feng, president of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association.

Robots are playing a role in the era of smart homes, companies said during AWE 2018 (Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2018), China’s top home appliance show held annually in Shanghai. Over 800 exhibitors are attending the show which ends on Sunday.

Home appliance giant Haier is teaming up with Japan-based Softbank to show off Pepper robots which can help users book air tickets as well as control air conditioners and air purifiers by voice control.

Advanced AI that are able to integrate with human beings and customized “minds” have become a trend in the market, said Shanghai-based Machinemind, which develops the system for Pepper in the domestic market. 

The next stage AI, which requires huge volume of data, will be used both in smart home and various business sectors, said He Jia, founder of Machinemind.

Toppers, a smart device brand under Shanghai-listed Boxin Investing & Holdings Co, showcases an AI speaker able to order food and call taxi, a wireless headset for real-time English-Chinese translation and a smart locker which works by fingerprint recognition. 

Shenzhen-listed ASD, which makes crock pots for more than 40 years, has expanded into smart manufacturing by investing in industrial robots. In 2017, the company sold more than 1,000 industrial robots to manufacturers and automakers. The company expects sales to hit 3,000 in 2018 and 5,000 in 2019, said Zhou Wenbiao, deputy general manager of ASD-owned Qianjiang Robot.

Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

ASD-owned Qianjiang Robot sells well in the domestic market 

Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

Visitors check a Pepper robot at the AWE show 

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