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China to have own 'NBA-like' e-sport matches

Revenue of e-sport market globally set to rise to US$2.3 billion in 2020 from US$1.5 billion in 2017. 

China will have its own “NBA-like” e-sport matches within 5 to 10 years as the game market is set to continue to boom,  game industry officials said on Sunday.

Xiao Hong, chief executive officer of Shenzhen-listed game firm Perfect World, said that China will develop e-sport matches along the lines of NBA in the US amid a booming market which supports a big pool of players.

In 2017, the worldwide e-sport market revenue was US$1.5 billion and the figure is set to rise to US$2.3 billion in 2020, according to researcher SuperData. 

Perfect World has set up a special team for e-sport to take care of management, intellectual property development and professional training, Xiao said during the DAC (DOTA 2 Asia Championship) held in Shanghai.   

DOTA 2, one of the top MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games, offered US$37.1 million as total e-sport prize pool in 2017. Perfect World, distributor of DOTA 2 in China, is the major organizer of DAC in Shanghai and it has identified e-sport as one of its “top strategies”.

Sixteen game teams, including from Russia and Malaysia, attended the DAC in Shanghai with prize pool of US$1 million.

ti gong / Ti Gong

An e-sport player shouts during DAC in Shanghai. 

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