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Zhangjiang becomes Shanghai 'AI Highland'

The cluster of over 80 high-tech firms and top-level AI talents will spur Zhangjiang's digital output to surge 50 percent from now to US$46.7 billion in three years.

Zhangjiang High-Tech Park has become Shanghai's “AI Highland” for its cluster of high-tech enterprises and top-level AI talents which helps the city to innovate and upgrade its economy, industry officials said today.

The presence of more than 80 companies developing artificial intelligence technologies in natural language understanding and intelligent online learning services will propel Zhangjiang’s digital output to surge 50 percent from the current level to 300 billion yuan (US$46.7 billion) in three years, said an official of the Shanghai Pudong Software Park which is part of the Zhangjiang region.

In 2017, the revenue of Shanghai’s AI industry jumped 50 percent year on year, above expectations of 20 percent, officials told an AI forum in the software park, which attracted SAP, Fudan University, Hujiang, Data Grand and Pingan Insurance.

Shanghai will invest 69 billion yuan this year in new technologies like smart manufacture, AI, the Internet of Things and cloud computing to transform its economy, according to government officials in April.

AI will be able to duplicate more than 50 percent of the work currently done such as document process and data collection within the next decade, said Data Grand, a startup helps enterprises collect and analyze data to help optimize their business.

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