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Kindle posts 12-fold jump in paid readers in China

Shanghai readers have "international tastes" in reading and the city is among the top two spots by reading volume nationwide. 

Kindle e-book service posted a 12-fold jump in the paid readers last year since Amazon debuted the Kindle reader in China five years ago, the company said today in Shanghai.

In 2017, the paid user number surged 12 times compared with that in 2012 while the download volume of paid books in Kindle China store jumped 10 times. In China, Amazon has cooperated with more than 700 publishers, including Yilin Press, which have published translated books with overseas authors.

Amazon has sold “several million” Kindle devices in China, which allow users to assess almost 700,000 e-books in its Chinese online store. China has become the world’s biggest regional market for Kindle since 2016, Amazon said.

In the first half, Shanghai was among the top two spots by reading volume nationwide in a list released by Kindle China today. 

Shanghai readers have “international tastes” in reading, said Shi Lingkong, editor-in-chief of Yilin Press.

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