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Chinese language AI voice standard drafted

The new voice recognition standard will help advance the use of AI in smart home and other areas, Ping An Good Doctor and Unisound, which drafted the standard, say.

A new standard for Chinese-language voice recognition will help advance the use of artificial intelligence in smart home and other areas, two Chinese firms, which drafted the standard, said yesterday.

The draft standard, developed by Ping An Good Doctor and Unisound, have been sent to the AIIA, or Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, as a key step for China to standardize the service, they said. The AIIA has 300 AI firms in China as members.

The standard, the first of its kind in China, will be adopted in AI and smart applications in home appliances, health care, automotives, education and many other industries.

In 2017, China’s smart home appliance market revenue hit 334.2 billion yuan (US$48.7 billion), up 24.8 percent annually. The voice recognition and related services are key applications of a smart home, said consulting firm iResearch.

Overseas firms including IBM, Microsoft and AT&T have created a unified standard for voice recognition in the English language. A similar standard for Chinese language is needed, according to industry officials.

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