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Health care and AI to be common themes in innovative programs of 75 universities

The 751 innovative programs are set to be on display at the 20th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai.

Health care and artificial intelligence will be common in the 751 innovative programs to be displayed by 75 domestic and overseas universities at the 20th China International Industry Fair. 

Shanghai Jiao Tong University will allow visitors to view implantable instruments like intravascular stents and bone nails made of magnesium alloy or zinc alloy at its booth at the CIIF. The instruments can break down into a small amount of hydrogen and magnesian or zinc ions gradually as patients recover.

As the hydrogen can be released outside the patient's body and the magnesian or zinc ions can be absorbed by human beings healthily, the products are believed to be safer than existing products made of stainless steel, cobalt-chromium alloy or nickel-titanium alloy, which cannot break down and are risky in causing inflammation.

The bone nails are now used in a local hospital while the stents have been approved by authorities for clinical trials.

Dong Jun / SHINE

An intelligent robot for vaporized hydrogen peroxide disinfection presented by Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The university is also presenting an intelligent robot for vaporized hydrogen peroxide disinfection which is widely used in aseptic workshops, labs, hospitals and schools. But most of the current machines can cover limited areas as they cannot move. The university's robot can move around and automatically adjust the route according to a disinfector concentration.

Meanwhile Donghua University is showing a physiotherapy device developed with graphene-based heating material, which has proven to be useful in easing strain of lumbar muscles and cervical spondylosis.

The tablet-shaped heating device can be attached to any part of the body and is able to transmit infrared ray and low-frequency pulse to stimulate nerves, muscles and cells to dilate blood vessels and help in blood circulation. The device can also be connected to an app on smartphone, which can collect and analyze data with artificial intelligence and recommend proper physiotherapy to users.

The device is now being tried out on pilots and athletes and is expected to debut in the market soon.

Tongji University will show an unmanned road sweeping vehicle equipped with laser radar and high-resolution positioning antenna, intelligent driving controller and other devices so that it drives automatically according to routes set by the computer system.

The university has completed trials with four vehicles and will deploy 30 for demonstration purposes in parks, square, scenic spots and other places.

Dong Jun / SHINE

Two solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles presented by Northwestern Polytechnical university, which can fly 20 hours without refueling.

The eye-catching exhibits of Northwestern Polytechnical University are two solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle, which can fly 20 hours without refueling.

The Osaka City University's program assesses people's health conditions by analyzing several of their hairs.

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