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Didi acts to ensure the safety of passengers

Didi Chuxing said it will upgrade its security management structure and will form a online-hailing business group to meet compliance requests. 
Didi acts to ensure the safety of passengers

China's leading mobile transportation service provider Didi Chuxing will upgrade its security management structure, and form an online-hailing business group to meet compliance requests.

The move comes after the Ministry of Transport last week ordered the company to improve its security in the wake of the murder of two Didi Hitch passengers earlier this year.

Didi said it aims to devote more resources to support safety as well as efficiency with the aim of achieving sustained growth and development.

“We will increase our resources through both online and offline channels to see thorough security measures are put into place,” it said.

It has appointed the head of safety affairs Wang Xin to the newly-created post of chief safety officer to oversee passenger safety issues.

The ministry ordered Didi Chuxing to suspend its Hitch service indefinitely and to remove illegal vehicles and drivers registered on the platform.

Didi Express Mobility Group, Didi Premier, and Didi Luxe will merge to form a unified ride-hailing business group to make sure services meet compliance standards and that operations are in line with local traffic regulators’ requirements.

The ride-hailing giant rolled out some safety functions in the middle of this year, including adding a “safety center” to the Didi passenger app offering a one-click “Call Police” button, as well as itinerary sharing through social networks.

An emergency response team will also be set up to establish a company-wide security framework and to seek public and stakeholders’ opinions.

It would also establish new units for local government coordination as well as linking with external advisory bodies.

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