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US ban not to affect Huawei's high-end and 5G products: Ren

"Our work is to benefit the whole humankind." 

The US restrictions will definitely not affect Huawei's high-end products, particularly in the 5G sector, said Ren Zhengfei, founder and president of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd on Tuesday.

The Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce earlier put Huawei and its affiliates on an "Entity List," which would restrict the sale or transfer of US technologies to the company.

At present, the ban will have an impact on Huawei's low-end products, Ren said.

Huawei should not be restricted just because of its leading technology position, Ren told reporters.

"Our work is to benefit the whole humankind," he said, adding that Huawei's 5G equipment would greatly reduce the cost of the global telecom networks construction.

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